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ACES Certificate Instructions

1. General Instructions

1.1. Certificate Do's and Don'ts

Do Accept your new certificate when you receive notification email.

Do Make a backup copy of your certificate on a diskette.

Do Remember your certificate password.

Do Use your certificate to access certificate enabled applications.

Do Encourage others to get their own digital certificates.

Do Read the information on the http://aces.orc.com web site.

Do Inform ORC if the information on your certificate changes.


Don't Tell anyone your certificate password.

Don't Use a blank password to protect your private key.

Don't Forget your certificate password.

Don't Leave your password written down in an unsecured environment.

Don't Leave your backup disk in an unprotected environment.

Don't Copy your certificate so another person can use it.

Don't Use someone else's certificate.

Don't Leave your certificate loaded on another or temporarily used computer.

1.2. Getting the Correct Browser

Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) Data must be protected during transmission according to the Computer Security Act of 1987. This act names the Federal Bureau of Standards, now the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), as responsible for developing standards and guidance to ensure data protection. NIST has developed Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) to define these guidelines. FIPS 140-1, Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules, applies "to all Federal agencies that use cryptographic-based security systems to protect unclassified information within computer...systems."

NIST has established a validation program for encryption modules. The current list of validated modules can be found at http://csrc.ncsl.nist.gov/cryptval/140-1/1401val.htm. For more information on FIPS 140-1, see the NIST Cryptographic Standards Validation Programs at http://csrc.ncsl.nist.gov/cryptval.

Download the software from Netscape at: http://home.netscape.com/download.

Download the software from Microsoft at: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=1e1550cb-5e5d-48f5-b02b-20b602228de6&DisplayLang=en

2. Microsoft Instructions

2.1. ACES Create Certificate Backup in Microsoft

2.2. ACES Import Certifcate from Backup ACES in Microsoft

2.3. ACES Trust Certificates in Microsoft

2.4. Using IE or Safari Web Browser

3. Firefox Instructions

3.1. ACES Cert Request Instructions Mozilla Firefox

3.2. ACES eOffer Cert Request Instructions Mozilla Firefox

3.3. Cert Backup Instructions Firefox

3.4. Importing Certificate in Firefox

3.5. Testing Certificate in Firefox

3.6. Change Master Password